About Us

ITHUTHA – to be teachable.
Here at ITHUTHA we are never too old to learn and do we understand firsthand how “Colour has the power to influence your soul”
Colour hold significance for people around the world. Not only do colour influence emotion, but it also has the ability to set the mood, this is why we take extra care in preparing perfect bright colours for any occasion.
Baby revealing’s, children parties, engagement photo shoots, indoor and outdoor parties, fun family photo shoots, fun walks or runs as well as, still the best fundraising method for school or institution.

ITHUTHA was born in 2017 and have grown since from a normal toy reseller to a self-manufacturing and established colour run powder supplier. Locally as well as internationally.
We pride ourselves in the consistency of colour as well as the personal touch and personality that comes with all 10 bright colours. (NOW ALSO since Jan 2021 available in Charcoal, Snowy White and Umber Brown)
All raw materials are locally sourced, mixed and packed with extra care.
Non toxic
Environmentally friendly
Bio degradable and laboratory tested and approved.(MSDS Available on request)


Colours bright enough to lift any mood